Nierbee Custom Grips

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How we do it....

Each Nierbee Custom grip is hand carved with attention to detail. We do not discriminate as to what kind of firearm or gun it is. We carve grips for real firearms, airsoft guns, paintball, heck we'd even do nerf guns. As long as the owner wants sexiness, we'll provide it.

 Here's how it's done.

Step 1:
You send us your design in vector format if possible or for a small fee, we can custom a design for you. Just give us an idea of what you'd like to see. You can also choose if you prefer your grips to be hand carved or laser etched. By the way, laser etching is done by our affiliate Dave Bordieri of Imperial Engravers.

Step 2:
You select the type of wood you would like us to use.

Step 3:
We acquire the wood and carve out the design.

Step 4:
We fit and carve until your grip fits like a glove.


Step 5:
We will ship it to you anywhere you'd like with the guarantee that you'll have your
friends drooling all over your pistol.